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Lagged Hazard Ratio

This line chart shows the hazard ratio of later disorder depending on a previous onset of prior disorder and the time lagged since the onset of the prior disorder.
In general, respondents were most vulnerable in terms of developing later disorder in the year following their prior disorder onset. Their risk of developing later disorder dropped rapidly from year 2 and flattens after 10 years.

For example, the risk of developing bipolar disorder is 20 times greater in the initial year after developing alcohol abuse compared to those without (HR = 20.1, 95% CI = 16.6-24.3). Between 2 to 5 years, the risk decreased by half to about 10 (HR = 9.5, 95% CI = 7.8-11.6) and by 15 years, 3.5 times in those with alcohol abuse compared to those without (HR = 3.5, 95% = 2.4-5.1).

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